About Me


Growing up in a LARGE Italian family full of creatives, I was able to stand out amongst the many loud personalities, (my own included), by branding myself as the one others could look too for styling and beauty advice.  I was nicknamed Coco after spending an entire day at age 3 playing in my Nona’s closet! Fashion aside, I have a passion to explore and travel. This was instilled in me at a young age by my mother who dragged us everywhere and said  “To experience life one must see the world.” So, it’s no surprise how my desire to mix fashion and travel developed.

In college, I studied Broadcast Journalism. My favorite memories were hosting on camera for a local network. I was able to write my own stories and then deliver them in front of the camera. Nothing was more exhilarating than seeing yourself be transformed when watching the end result.  It was another piece that made me realize what I enjoyed doing.

After college I worked for a high-end fashion designer on Madison Ave for 3 years. I learned a lot about the industry in that short amount of time. My passion and keen eye were immediately recognized. I was soon invited to travel to the Paris runways, become a fit model for the new collections, and assist the lead designer with styling tips.  It was an incredible experience and an honor that I’m so very very grateful for.  It’s these combinations of life experiences that have given me the idea to kick start this blog.

So what’s next?

My blog will be a place to showcase my work as a stylist, model, and world traveler.  My experiences are its content. I’ve made a lot of changes this 2016.  Always seeing myself living in sunny Los Angeles, I’ve left my family behind (something you never do in a large Italian household!) to pursue this dream.  I rented an RV, packed my wardrobe and started my trip cross-country.

I invite you to follow my journey as I move from one amazing city to the next. New York City will always be home, but it’s time to see what LA will offer. Regardless – I’ll keep it chic.

– XOXO Coco