About Me


Nicole left her hometown of New York City three years ago to pursue an alternative cosmopolitan lifestyle in Los Angeles that added a hint of palm trees and the sun. One of her greatest joys is sharing with others what her current fashion and beauty obsessions are and why. 

Nicole started her career working in fashion as a model, regularly flying to Paris for couture shows, then she transitioned into personal styling, refreshing and re-working her clients’ wardrobes, and eventually ended up full-time blogging to share her secrets with the world. 

With a keen eye for fashion, trends, beauty tips, health hacks and more, Nicole dedicates her time to bringing the latest trends and best tips possible to her audience for them to be their best selves. Her sense of style is chic, with a vintage flare which translates to any city or country she may explore on her journey. 

Nicole believes when you’re dressed your best, you can put your best foot forward, and with that added confidence you can do anything you put your mind to. Nicole believes every girl has an edge to her, she wants to make you feel comfortable unleashing it.