Keep it Comfortable and Cool

January 10, 2018

There’s something about NYC that makes me want to just get up and go. Maybe it’s knowing that so many people in such a small circumference are grinding all day to make what they want happen. The energy is contagious. I shot this look pretty much straight off a red eye flight, and it has turned out to be one of my favorite looks ever.

I’m all about a super high rise fit right now, so I could not resist these Zara pants. I love the front split hem detail, because it does not compromise seeing your shoes. I’ve been dressing way more for comfort lately, and I must say I’ve been much happier. Booties and sneakers have become my new norm, and I’ve found it’s made for an easier way of “fashion” life. I picked up this amazing Naked Cashmere bomber that I have been living in. It’s versatile and very warm, so it got some good use on my trip back to the east coast. 

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