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September 2, 2017

Burberry Luminous Fluid Base – in Fresh Glow Nude Radiance

I recently discovered this Luminous Fluid Base from Burberry. I had heard a lot of reviews on how amazing and versatile the product was, so I decided to try it out. I’m not a hundred percent sure what the product is, if it’s a highlighter, a primer, or a base for your foundation. I like to use it mixed in with my foundation. I prime my face, and take a pump on my foundation and a pump of the Burberry Base. I mix them on the back of my hand and apply. This product has changed how my makeup goes on, how it feels when I’m wearing makeup, and most importantly how it looks. My foundation goes on much smoother, I love how light and minimal my skin feels when I’ve combined burberry’s product, and it looks like I’ve taken years off my skin. It’s a win win win.

Matte light makeup look – All day

Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation

I love this foundation because it is the perfect amount of light coverage that will last you from the early am hours to literally all night. I have put this foundation on at 8 am, only used an oil sheet as a touchup and was able to go to an 8 pm dinner feeling flawless. I also love this foundation because it is perfect for early mornings when you want to feel perky and awake but not look like you caked on your makeup.

TIP: The bottle is known to clump at the bottom if it has been sitting for a while, so I recommend shaking the bottle aggressively for 5 seconds before every use.

Medium Coverage- All day

Too Faced – Born This Way Medium to Full Coverage Foundation

This is another foundation that is amazing day to night. I am absolutely in LOVE with this foundation. I first saw it on a sales woman in Sephora and figured she just had flawless skin naturally. After she introduced me to Born This Way, my makeup game changed. It is a little more coverage than the Nars foundation, that being said it is still a very natural looking makeup.

TIP: This liquid foundation oxidizes, meaning it gets darker as the day goes on. So I did a shade a little lighter than my natural skintone, DO NOT go darker than your natural skintone.

Fullest Coverage- Night Out

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation

This foundation is the fullest coverage I know. If you have anything to cover, this is the foundation that will do it. However, with this type of coverage it will feel thicker on your skin. I don’t really use this foundation anymore because I have been loving a natural look, however it is great for the occasional all-nighter, or an in studio photo-shoot.

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  1. Hi Chic like coco!!!! Thanks for this blog post especially! I’m always looking to find new foundations and light coverage to apply for makeup during the day gat rolls into night. I’m especially happy with the Nars all day luminous wightless foundation. I hate feeling like I have a lot is caked on makeup and this product gives me the best coverage but I also feel like my skin can breathe! Thanks Nicole, you are so gorgeous and I love your style and you always know what’s up!!!! Xx

  2. Hi Coco!

    Love this post. I need all the tips I can get especially because I don’t know the first thing about makeup. Youare beautiful, and have such a natural glow, going to put these tips to use!

  3. Awesome blog Nicole! Shopping for foundation can be so overwhelming as there are sooooo many options. Thank you for letting us know about some great products ….your makeup always looks so gorgeous. Keep up the great blogging! I love to read your posts and see your fabulous style!

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