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New to New Orleans

May 25, 2017

Top: House of Harlow
Pants: Nobody Denim
Shoes: Adidas slides (switched into Prada wedge)
Sunglasses: Saint Laurent
Bag: Celine


I have to say New Orleans was definitely not what I was expecting once I arrived. We got to the city mid-day and the heat was paralyzing. New Orleans is geographically so close to the tropics that you get similar weather, however there is no water to cool the city down. At first, walking around the city mid-day was a little melancholy for me. It’s clear the city has not fully recovered from Katrina, and that was a little heartbreaking.

The French Quarter was especially unique. We walked the main streets, Toulouse, Frenchman, and Bourbon street. My favorite part of touring the city was the colorful houses on each block. Each street is lined with rows of pastel colored homes. Each house is a colorful shade of pink, yellow, green, blue, and all have the classic southern architecture to match. It feels as if you’re on a film set. Finally, off a side street we found this amazing little restaurant, Table Au French Quarter.

After dinner we got to explore the city when it comes alive. At 5 pm the nightly carnival begins. There is a totally different energy, the streets are blocked off to cars so party-goers and pedestrians are free to roam and drink out in the open. Loud music is blasting from each bar, while the smell of beignets lingers from local shops. The one thing I do regret is not stopping for a beignet at the famous, Café Du Monde.


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